About Us


Infinity Domestic Agency is a professional staffing agency located in Los Angeles, California, specializing in providing Nannies, Companions, Caregivers*, Housekeepers, and all other types of fine domestic services. Our clienteles include: celebrities in all fields of entertainment and sport industries, successful business owners, professionals, and above all, busy families who need capable, honest and reliable domestic help.

Our referral agency handles each client with professionalism, integrity and commitment. We combine industry expertise with comprehensive applicant screening to help you find qualified domestic helps that understand your household needs and provide you with best service possible. Our staffing professionals are seasoned agents with years of experience that can provide not only the best customer service, but also have years of experience in finding, interviewing and recruiting qualified candidates that can work around your budget.

We are proud and grateful that a majority of our business derives from repeated clients and their referrals. This loyalty can only prove how much we strive to provide our clients with the best and highest service.

*Infinity Domestic Agency is not a Home Health Agency. None of the potential applicants/candidates are Infinity Domestic Agency's employees.