• Infinity Domestic Agency is a job agency specializing in referring qualified candidates to families that are seeking to hire them directly as a domestic help. Agency will not negotiate your work agreement, salary or job duties, these need to be clearly discussed and agreed by both parties. You will be hired directly by the client and you are not and will not be agency's employee at any time.
  • Infinity Domestic Agency only refers candidates for a job that are registered with us by filling out our application and presenting at least a valid US identification card as well as having verifiable references and job experience. Also you are interviewed by the agency's experienced consultants either in person or over the telephone. The agency will verify your personal references and previous employment.
  • Agency will present and explain current job availabilities to you. If you are interested, you will be invited to a face to face meeting usually in our office with the client that is generally provided a copy of your application.
  • One of our agents or representatives will be present in this meeting to make sure you have a chance to ask all your questions about hours, duties, compensations, benefits and living accommodations if applicable. You also need to be prepared to answer to questions and/or concerns that client might have.
  • If client and you are agreement with employment and it terms and conditions agency may be asked and pay for by client to order your background investigation from government agencies to check your background, including criminal records.
  • To learn about your work eligibility, your rights, minimum wage and documents you required to have for employment, please visit and
  • When you are applying for a position referred by Infinity Domestic Agency please make sure at time of employment you are at least 18 years old, you are a US citizen or an alien lawfully admitted to work in US as well as clean criminal and driving records. If you are applying for a child care position make sure you are registered with TrustLine. To learn about TrustLine please visit
  • You are not obligated to work under duress, threat, verbal or sexual abuse. You are urged to report these conditions to authorities.