Why Us



Infinity Domestic Agency offers a variety of domestic help solutions including full-time for both live-in and live-out positions as well as part time and temporary domestic helps. We understand that every family is unique that is why we take our time to listen and understand your individual domestic needs in order to make a truly perfect placement. We make sure we keep the information that you share with us regarding your domestic help completely confidential.

Work around Your Budget:

Infinity Domestic Agency works around your budget to find you a group of candidates with solid background of professional domestic help and excellent references that are best matched with your qualifications and are willing to work with your budget and your household work conditions.

Large Database of Qualified Candidates:

We continually recruit new candidates and assess their personality, qualifications and preferences through in-depth interviews to maintain an extensive pool of qualified candidates all the times. We offer our offices to you to meet face to face with a group of candidates that their qualifications best matched your family’s needs. In this meetings you’ll benefit from our staff’s many years of experience that are available in these meeting.

Complete Profile:

After selecting one of the candidates you’ll receive candidate’s complete profile including her/his references, recommendations and other credentials. At this point you’ll have a chance to contact her/his references or previous employer to confirm your selection.

Directly Hire Candidates:

You’ll hire selected candidate directly and you’ll introduce her/him to your house hold needs. If this selection does not work out for either of the parties for any reasons we urge you to inform us as soon as possible so we’ll have a chance to find replacements as per terms of your contract.